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The Beginnings……
Situated in the town of Surat – India is my hometown of Rander. Known for its rich tapestry of history, culture and street food, Rander prides itself on producing a cluster of delectable eateries, tea rooms and street vendors; which I must add has contributed to my passion for food and most importantly cooking.

Many of the recipes that I use today have been passed on from generations, and whilst feeling nostalgic, I truly hold fond memories of cooking with both my mother and grandmother.

Realising the limited choice of Indian Cuisine in Ireland, we decided to bring the taste of Rander to Ireland, and what better way to do this than introduce a wonderful selection of Indian street food and delicious desserts. This is where SAMA’s comes in and the name itself has its own story. With each letter representing the name of my children, We decided that in great sentiment, this would be the name of my Business.

Co. Founders
Sumaiya Pila and Mohammed Imran Pila

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